HUL contacts 25 million rural consumers through Khushiyon Ki Doli

More than 10 million consumers contacted directly in more than 28,000 villages across these three states in 2010.

In 2011, HUL extended this initiative to five states – West Bengal, Bihar, Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh, thereby covering around 70K villages, 25 million consumers and 4 lakh retailers.

Reaching media dark villages

The main objective of the campaign is to reach out to media dark villages and connect with the direct users (women), with HUL brand messages and to engage with consumers deeply to rapidly change brand adoption metrics. The main aim is to change attitudes of the rural masses by inculcating good personal hygiene and through this create greater preference for the company brands by association to daily hygiene habits.

This multi brand campaign branded as Khushiyon ki Doli also helped to create a cost efficient rural brand activation module. It involved various personal care and home care brands of HUL including Wheel, Surf Excel, FAL, Sunsilk, Vim, Lifebuoy and Closeup.

Three stages of the programme

The module follows a three-step process, starting with awareness, moving on to consumer engagement and finally retail contact.

The first step of spreading awareness is achieved through a team of promoters who head to each village and invite the villagers to a point what is known as ‘Mohallas’. At the meeting point ‘Mohallas’ make them aware of the company, its products, their benefits & healthy & hygiene habits.

In every village, there are about 4-5 teams who conduct these events in local language / dialect for small focused groups so that it allows for greater engagement and involvement for the consumers. During this activity, brands are introduced with the help of TVCs & short AV's that are played continuously.

The promoters by way of ‘live’ demonstrations bring alive the hygiene benefits of using such brands, which in turn shall improving the quality of their daily life. To increase the ‘fun’ element and enhance involvement, promoters also conduct simple quizzes and games around the brands and daily hygiene habits. As part of this activation, we offer schemes both for the participating consumers and also local retailers for generating trial among consumers,this helped in enhancing availability at village retail point.

Post the mohalla activity, the promotes go from home to home and conduct consumer home visits to generate trial where they offer attractive promotions / purchase schemes to the consumers. Similarly, there is another team which visits all the shops in the village which ensures improved availability and visibility of our brands.

Combining technology with tradition

One of the unique aspects of this initiative is the use of technology to bring alive the benefits of our brands in a simple and compelling manner. The other unique characteristic feature of this initiative is the effective use of popular traditional symbols with technology to create more acceptance. For example, the brand films and hygiene messages are shown to the consumers through the use of Palki. Palki is symbol of new happiness as this was traditionally used to newly wed bride to her new home for rest of life, husbands home.

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