HUL launches Magic water saver

Magic Water Saver helps to conserve three buckets of water for every laundry wash by reducing the amount of water required to rinse clothes.

Magic Water Saver is a valuable innovation for a water-scarce country like India where more than 100 million people face water shortage every day. About 57% of these people belong to lower Socio-Economic Classes (SEC). For these consumers, getting water takes more effort as well as more money since their water source is often located outside their homes.

Water consumption in laundry

In such households, 20% of water consumption is for washing clothes (laundry). Rinsing alone accounts for 80% of water consumption in laundry for most of these households as they rely on washing clothes by hand. Consumers normally continue to rinse until the stickiness, soapiness and foam is removed, which is why on an average 3-4 buckets of water is used for rinsing.

Magic Liquid is added to the first bucket of rinse after the soaking, washing and scrubbing. Magic contains ingredients that neutralise the AD (Active Detergent) and soda that causes stickiness and soapiness, and a patented anti-foam emulsion, which eliminates the need for further rinsing. In addition to this, Magic also leaves clothes smelling fresh.

Reducing consumers’ water footprint

Analysis by Unilever shows that around 38% of Unilever’s water footprint comes from the laundry process – a significant proportion of this is washing laundry by hand in the developing world. It is in this context that Unilever has set itself a target to reduce the water required in the laundry process by making easier rinsing products more widely available and by providing 50 million households in water-scarce countries with products that deliver excellent cleaning but use less water by 2020. Magic is a step towards that mission.

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