Kwality Walls Fruttare launches in India

Fruttare is a global ice cream brand of Unilever, targeted at health conscious young adults.

Fruttare ice creams are free from any artificial flavor or color and are available in 3 yummy options – Mango, Litchi and Grape. The ice creams are naturally fat free and have less than 70 kcals per serving.

The launch was backed by an innovative campaign theme of ‘Fruttare yaani Fruit Hai Re’ which highlights Fruttare’s proposition of ‘made with 100% real fruit.’

The brand launched a teaser campaign to build salience. The films heightened consumer curiosity about ‘what is fruit hai re’ without giving consumers a hint of the product category. The teaser campaign lasted for five days with television and digital being the lead mediums. This was followed by the reveal phase with a TVC which subtly reveals why and how ‘Fruttare yaani fruit hai re’.

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