Lifebuoy launches colour changing handwash

Lifebuoy’s new colour changing handwash signals green when you’re ready to rinse.

When was the last time you counted till 30 while lathering your hands to clean them of dirt and germs? While manufacturers of handwash have been trying to “teach” consumers how to wash hands, in practice, consumers spend about 6-7 seconds washing hands on an average and never more than 15 seconds.

Kids are usually in even more of a hurry to finish this ‘chore’. Instead of lecturing them on the need to change their handwashing habits, the new Lifebuoy Colour Changing Handwash makes washing hands fun. The association with Marvel’s famous comic character “The Hulk” makes the brand’s communication even more compelling.

Lifebuoy’s liquid handwash has a special formulation that protects the user by removing 99.9% germs within 10 seconds. The Color Changing Handwash turns green to signal this! It contains tiny bead particles that release green colour when squished. When you’ve scrubbed your hands for about 10 seconds, the unique formula of the handwash changes its colour to green, signaling that it is ok to rinse.

This launch is yet another step towards achieving Lifebuoy’s aim to change the handwashing behaviour of 1 billion people by 2015. To realise this vision, Lifebuoy looks to consistently innovate and provide accessible hygiene and health products to a wide variety of consumers.

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