Lifebuoy wins Global Effie

Lifebuoy’s ‘Superfast’ Hand Wash campaign – launched across D&E markets in 2010-11 recognised.

Lifebuoy won one of only three Global Effies awarded for 2011 campaigns. This is the first ever Global Effie for a campaign developed in India. It was conceived and executed in India by the Global Lifebuoy team and run globally.

Winning an Effie Award signifies that the entry was one of the most effective global marketing efforts of 2011, incorporating an insightful communications strategy, outstanding creative, and the market results to prove it worked. Global Effie entries go through two rigorous rounds of judging, in multiple countries around the world, before emerging as a winner.

Unique proposition

The brand has a unique 10 second proposition of germ kill which is both hyper-competitive and drives market development. The product positioning “Kills 99.9% germs in just 10 seconds” was developed following consumer research that showed kids always do things in a hurry, including washing their hands.

Manufacturers usually suggest that consumers should wash their hands for 30 seconds and have been trying to “teach” consumers how to wash hands. Not surprisingly, all this lecturing has resulted in almost NO behaviour change in consumers. In practice, on average consumers spend only about 6-7 seconds and never more than 15 seconds, washing hands.

The campaign

This insight was translated into a campaign that leverages mothers’ concern about children not washing their hands for long enough. So, instead of changing kids, mothers were provided with a Hand Wash that acts faster, in just 10 seconds.

The consumer connection with the proposition was immediate. The relevance to their real life situation was strong and instant: for the first time a hygiene product had been designed to deliver superior germ protection and in a manner that did not expect the consumers to change their habits. In fact the product “adjusted” to their habits.”

The Superfast campaign is a great example of how we can serve the consumers better by delivering superior innovations based on real consumer insights.

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