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1959 - The first detergent powder in India

Surf Excel- Lalitaji

In 1950s, when laundry was done predominantly with laundry soap bars and was a chore that everyone hated, Surf was launched, as the first detergent powder in India.

The laundry was never so easy; with surf’s extra power, everyone was Happy. Surf was also the first national detergent brand to be advertised on television. Surf offered consumers significantly better clean clothes, with much less effort and ‘superlative whiteness’.

1970s - Lalitaji "Surf Ki Kharıdari Main Hi Samajdari Hai!"

With the launch of lower priced brands, the challenge for Surf was to justify its premium by educating consumers how it was still economical than others. Surf introduced ‘Lalitaji’, a no-nonsense, smart, independent, prudent homemaker, who is conscious of her budget and yet will never compromise on the quality of products that she buys. Lalitaji became a household name and an inspiration for other homemakers who identified with her, making her one of the most memorable characters in Indian advertising.

1990s - Daag Dhoondthe Reh Jaaoge!

Times changed, and so did Surf. Early 90s saw the emergence of concentrates and mid priced powders in the Indian market and Surf excel again led the way to superior washing performance by launching Surf Ultra with enzymes technology. In a new and unprecedented way Surf Ultra reaffirmed its superiority by saying ‘Daag Dhoondhte Reh Jaaoge’ (Keep looking for the stains). This was the reflection of the self confidence of Indian homemakers who were ready to challenge anyone to find a fault with their choices or with their laundry!!

1999 - Surf Exel Hai Na!

Even today, a decade after this campaign was launched, what do people say when they encounter stains – Surf Excel Hai Na !

This not just was a phrase to accept the fact that stains happen, but also established that there is no big deal as long as Surf Excel is there. The superiority of Surf Excel was established with an image of Stain Removal Expert.

2003 - Save 2 buckets of water

New innovations which make a real difference to our lives, is at the heart of Surf Excel. Water shortage is a key concern in many geographies and a significant amount of water is used for laundry. We launched a revolutionary product with a low foam formula which would effectively remove stains and save 2 buckets of water. Revathi and Shabana Azmi partnered with us to promote this innovative product and the larger cause of water conservation – “Do bucket paani roozana hai bachana”.

2006 - Launch of Surf Exel Bar

2006 saw the migration of Rin Supreme Bar to Surf Excel Bar. It was the most premium bar in the market offering a superior product which does not have any dissolved minerals (mitti) and removes tough stains like turmeric and grease with minimal effort.

In its latest avatar, Surf Excel bar offers the cleaning benefits similar to that of vinegar, blue, bleach, and lemon and enables you to remove multiple stains with just 1 product.

2005 - Till date - Daag Acche Hai!

Our consumers have always been taught to believe that dirt is bad and we turned the belief on its head by proclaiming Daag Ache Hain (dirt is good) based on our understanding of the relationship shared between a mom and her child. 

We believe every stain a child brings home is an experience; a value learned in process of getting dirty! “Daag Achhe Hain” champions the theory that if a child learns something and gets dirty in the process, then those stains are “good”. We have translated this philosophy into many heart-warming commercials over the years making “Daag Ache Hain” a common belief across the country.

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