Red Label‘s Health Challenge

The Red Label Health Challenge highlights the benefits associated with drinking tea.

The Red Label Health Challenge is a part of Red Label’s long standing effort to bring the goodness of drinking tea to the fore. Through this campaign, the brand is highlighting the health proposition in a unique way by engaging with consumers.

Health Benefits of drinking tea

There are many myths associated with tea-drinking in India such as tea makes you dark, tea causes acidity. This triggered the Red Label Health Challenge that aims to bring out the health benefits of tea, including improvement in blood circulation.

About the Red Label Health Challenge

As part of the campaign, consumers have been urged to call on the number 09004666666 or log in to Red Label’s Facebook page and help Akshay Kumar convince Sonakshi Sinha that Red Label is a healthy beverage.

The Red Label Health Challenge Campaign" is being conducted from 1st July, 2012 to 31st October, 2012.

The initial response has been tremendous with more than 1 million calls registered in the first month!

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