Surf Excel builds an emotional connect through ‘Dirt is Good’

'Agar daag lagne se kuch accha hota hai to daag achhe hain, Surf Excel daag achhe hain'.

Detergent is a category where dirt and stains have always been portrayed as bad. The category has always harped on functional benefits, however,Surf Excel has been taking a different route by seeking to occupy the emotional space amongst consumers by playing on the paradox of dirt being good by showing children doing good deeds and getting dirty in the process for the last eight years.

The Dirt is Good Campaign

The ‘Dirt is Good’ campaign began with the famous puddle war commercial, where a brother is shown taking revenge on a mud pool for spoiling his little sisters clothes. The ‘Dirt is Good’ communication continued with a series are stories of children getting dirty while doing something good … and hence dirt is good… and moms can leave it to Surf Excel to deal with the dirt.

This commercial helped the brand build high salience amongst the target audience and was followed up by equally interesting executions over the years. The consistency and distinctiveness of the campaign has led to building differentiation for Surf Excel that has resulted in strong growth for the brand.

Promoting values

Surf’slatest campaign is a continuation of the same philosophy and brings the value of righteousness - the need to have the courage to stand up for what is right. The latest commercial shows a young kid standing up to the bullying kids by a mix of courage and quick thinking that ends up saving the day.

Connecting with the target audience

Surf Excel is loved by consumers in India and has a distinctive positioning in the minds of consumers driven by the ‘Dirt is Good’ advertising. The brands emotional position has helped Surf Excel to differentiate itself from the other brands. It has also helped us build a deep emotional connect with our target audience i.e. mothers. Results fromsurveys have shown that mothers instantly connect with the various executions of the theme the brand has presented over the years.

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