Why we think daag achhe hain

For a woman, life is full of special moments from the moment she has children. Watching her kids grow up, taking their first step, uttering their first word…and the joy of watching them, brings her to life. We believe every stain our child brings home is an experience; a value learned, in process of getting dirty!

Daag Achhe Hain

Each day with every new experience, kids learn important life lessons that help them develop values. As parents, these morals and values are in the back of our minds, often subconsciously, when we do things with our children like bake a cake together, make a card for a relative, or just let them play. 

Surf Excel wanted to explore mums’ instinctive understanding of values more deeply, so we spoke with 240+ mothers, 20 Grandmothers and 5 Great Grandmothers across 10 locations around the world. We called the project ‘Mamma Mia’ and some of our most interesting findings are shared below

- Values are integral to each and every person and help provide us with personal, social and cultural worth; in essence, they shape our identity and place in society.

- Regardless of social and cultural differences, mums globally see the responsibility of instilling values as their personal role. Mums across the world share a certain set of values as a benchmark for raising their children:

Mother driven values (non-negotiable)

Those we feel duty bound to instil, such as honesty, respect for others, sharing and giving, self reliance and responsibility along with respect for cultural traditions and elders.

Child and mother driven values (encouraged)

Those we feel we can actively encourage but which are personality driven, such as determination and confidence; or, those that are rewarded and reinforced, such as love and gratitude towards the family.

Child driven values (secondary values)

Those we feel our child will develop naturally and passively but which we can facilitate, such as creativity, discovery, curiosity and imagination.

Whilst we may be anxious to let kids have free reign, in case they come home dirty (or are harmed), it is hugely rewarding when our kids understand and demonstrate the values we have tried to instil in them. Think about how proud, happy and special you felt the last time your child painted a picture for you, even when they had paint all over their clothes.

We are sure you gave your child a tight hug! Do you also have a story about what your little superstars did to make you feel special and you want to go out and tell the world how much you love your little one. Go on! What’s stopping you? Write or film your little angels doing what you love to see them do, upload the special moment to our Facebook page. Then, simply sit back and enjoy the applause as your heart beats with pride!

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