Clinic Plus celebrates Mother’s Day

Clinic Plus celebrates Mothers Day

Mothers and daughters these days are seen to be more candid about their thoughts, emotions and expressions. The strict line of a mother-daughter relationship has truly blurred, giving way to a completely new dynamic. Keeping up with the pace of her daughter’s changing world, mothers have indeed donned the role of a confidant. Her utmost desire is to sustain her unique bond with her daughter, by giving her the boundless support to establish her individuality. Clinic Plus signifies this evolving dynamic of a mother-daughter relationship, and acts as a true companion strengthening their bond.

As a trusted hair care advisor, Clinic Plus echoes the emotion of a mother and believes in nurturing her bond with her daughter through the power of affection. Rejoice the special mother-daughter relationship, by embracing the goodness of Clinic Plus products like Clinic Plus Strong and Long Natural Shampoo, Clinic Plus Strong and Long Health Shampoo and Clinic Plus Soft & Silky Cream Conditioner.

Endowed with the benefits of milk protein, conditioners and silicone oils, the Clinic Plus Shampoo and Conditioner formula help in nourishing the hair while washing. These ingredients also make the hair less prone to damages like hair breakage, while making it visibly beautiful and healthy.

The milk protein supplement contains casein, which is widely known for its benefits in generating hair growth. The hydrolyzed protein is absorbed in the damaged hair strands thereby improving the health and strength of hair. Along with milk protein, Clinic Plus Soft & Silky Cream Conditioner also contains lysine and silicones.

Lysine penetrates hair strands to provide nourishment from within and together with the silicone, it lubricates hair surface making hair noticeably smoother. The addition of Almond Oil in the conditioners in the formulation helps in nurturing the hair surface, leaving it less tangled & smoother.

Maa – Meri Sabse Ache Dost

Taking cue from the inimitable mother-daughter camaraderie, Clinic Plus celebrated this special friendship on the occasion of Mother’s Day. Through the initiative - “Maa – Meri Sabse Ache Dost” (Mom is My Best Friend); Clinic Plus connected with daughters and facilitated them to acknowledge and appreciate their mother’s role in their life.

Daughters could send special messages for their mother, on the eve of Mother’s Day by giving a missed call to 09967199671. On calling this number, the caller would receive a call and all she had to do was record a message for her mother through the IVR. The message would then be shared with the caller’s mother.

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