Experience real nature, the Kissanpur way

The intense competition and modernisation in today’s world has drastically affected the way kids are growing up. The unrelenting pressure to succeed and their own constant engagement with the virtual world have been keeping them indoors, away from where they need to be - the real world of the outdoors. While mothers know that it’s a matter of concern, with outdoor spaces rapidly shrinking, bringing up children in a natural environment has never been tougher.

Kissanpur - tomato farms

Being a brand that knows what’s good for children, and making all its products from 100% real tomatoes and fruits, Kissan finds it distressing just as mothers do, that kids are not interacting with nature as much as they should.

It’s the reason why Kissan created the “real” world of Kissanpur, where it encouraged kids to experience real nature.

Last year’s Kissanpur saw almost 80,000 enthusiastic kids participating in the initiative. Such a spontaneous response from kids has now prompted the launch of Kissanpur 2.

Over the next three months, the brand will help kids grow tomatoes and experience nature right in their homes. This journey begins from sowing tomato seeds, nurturing the saplings, and finally bringing them to maturity, when they will burst into real juicy tomatoes.

And that’s not all. Kissan will choose 100 top growers and use their tomatoes to make their favourite Kissan tomato ketchup. Even the bottle would be named after the kids themselves.

To reach out to more kids and mothers this year, Kissan has taken a step forward, by distributing the tomato seeds in a uniquely designed Kissan ketchup bottle. The new bottle cap transforms into a mini-pot and helps the kids begin their journey.

Kissanpur is based on the philosophy that consumers will fall in love with nature only when they experience the wonders of the real world. In fact to help consumers get a taste of the real, Kissan has come up with innovative hoardings with small hanging tomato farms.

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