Call for entries to 2014 scholarship program

Foundation expands Fair & Lovely scholarship program to include vocational training and business capital in addition to education for empowering women`

Calls for entries to 2014 scholarship program

Fair & Lovely Foundation an initiative by Fair & Lovely, the leading brand from Hindustan Unilever Limited; is all geared and is calling for entries from candidates for the 11th edition of the scholarship program beginning 01st October 2014. Details of the scholarship program and the application process can be availed from opens in a new window or by calling on the toll free number 1800220130 for more information.

The foundation has over the last 10 years since its inception provided scholarships to 1200 girls in India for their higher education. In line with the growing aspirations and yearnings of young women in urban & rural India, the Fair & Lovely foundation is now extending its scholarship programme to provide financial support for vocational training which will help young women develop employable skills and also seed capital to help aspiring women entrepreneurs, in addition to the higher education scholarships.

Fair & Lovely Foundation

Over the years, Fair & Lovely Foundation has consistently received support and appreciation from successful and prominent individuals, ranging from educationists, social workers, government officials as well as media and entertainment personalities. Some of the distinguished luminaries and educationists who have come together in the past to form the esteemed panel and have added immense value to the lives of hundreds of deserving girls.

The foundation supporters includes names like, Ms. Mangala Gauri (Prof. JNTU), Ms. Madhu Vasanthy (Director, CII South), Dr. Priya Selvaraj (India's First Medical Practitioner for Frozen Oocyte Pregnancy), Ms. Indu Sinha (Deputy Director, Dept. of Culture, Ministry of UP), Mr. Abhijit DasGupta (Documentary Film Maker & Founder, Sukriti Foundation), Dr. Sneha Palnitkar (Director, Regional Centre for Urban & Environmental Studies), Ms. Mandira Bedi (Actress), Ms. Leena Mogre (Fitness Expert), amongst others. They have not only associated with the foundation, but have also played the role of influential collaborators to guide and influence the girls in realizing their aspirations.

Fair & Lovely Scholarships:

One of the 2012 scholarship winners, Sajneeben, whose father is the family’s sole breadwinner, supports his family of five members by cutting and polishing precious gems. In spite of the family’s meagre earnings, Sajneeben’s parents always tried to provide the best to her and her two siblings. Financial constraints was always a matter of grave worry for her, however Fair & Lovely Foundation Scholarship indeed changed the course of her career and life.

Sajneeben says, “The scholarship helped me to take the next step ahead in fulfilling my dreams. I’m confident that I’ll be able to overcome my financial challenges and build a great career.” She is currently pursuing her studies in her chosen field of Bachelor of Ayurveda, Medicine and Surgery. Similarly, the Fair & Lovely scholarship program over the last decade has brought a ray of hope in the lives of many young aspiring girls, who have the aptitude and zeal to excel in life, but do not have the financial means to do so.

Talking about the Fair & Lovely Foundation Scholarship program Mr.Srinandan Sundaram, Vice President Skincare & Makeup, Hindustan Unilever Ltd. says, “Fair & Lovely Foundation is our initiative to economically empower women to pursue their dreams and reach their true potential. We aim to inspire an attitude of self-reliance and independence among young women by providing scholarships in the areas of higher education, vocational training and start up business capital”

Applying for scholarships

The last date for submission of application forms is 30th November 2014. 

  1. Higher Education: The eligibility criteria are available on opens in a new window. Aspiring girls can also call on the toll free number 1800220130 for more information.
  2. Developing Career (Vocational Training): The eligibility criteria are available on opens in a new window. Aspiring girls can also call on the toll free number 1800220130 for more information.
  3. Business startup capital: The eligibility criteria are available on opens in a new window. Aspiring girls can also call on the toll free number 1800220130 for more information.

Application forms can also be posted to the following address: Fair & Lovely Scholarship 2014 Hindustan Unilever House, B.D Sawant Marg, Chakala, Mumbai- 400099

* References to the Fair & Lovely Foundation in this article pre-dates the brand’s name change to Glow & Lovely in 2020. The Foundation’s new name is ‘Glow & Lovely Careers’.

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