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What we learn in childhood is the key to our success in adulthood. Kids learn from every single experience they have - not just from formal schooling. Day-to-day activities and time spent with family and friends are the 'unspoken' part of every child's education. No wonder mums and dads are the most important influence every child ever has.

Two smiling children

But children today are living in a different world to the one in which we grew up. So much has changed in the space of a single generation. How is this affecting our children? Are they getting what they need to become happy and successful adults?

With this context, Surf Excel has launched the Kids Today Project on 3 March 2014 to look at some of these changes worldwide, and to understand more about how children learn and what it's like to be a kid today.

As part of the campaign, Surf Excel has launched six films that give us a wonderful perspective on childhood. Click here to view the films opens in a new window The campaign is also being actively promoted on the brands social media channels including Facebook, Twitter and Youtube.

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