Kissanpur - Discover in nature the joy of togetherness

There is a growing trend of nuclear families where both parents are working, particularly in urban India.

To meet tight deadlines at work, many parents end up spending not just weekdays, but even weekends on their computers or mobile phones, and compromise on the quality time they can spend with their children. Kids fill this vacuum in their lives by playing games on a digital screen instead of in the playground. They miss out on the ‘real’ joys of life.

Mothers are especially concerned about making their kids’ childhoods happy and healthy. They want to do what they can to make the growing up experience a little easier, natural and fun for their kids and give the kids a great start.

Kissan understands pressures of the modern world and the aspirations of the parents, particularly mothers, for their children. The new Kissanpur film launched by Kissan propagates this philosophy. It encourages parents to team up with their kids to share the joy of planting tomato seeds and nurturing them to see them grow and bear fruits and thus helping the parents and kids to bond together. While the fruits of these plants will become ingredients for their kids’ favourite Kissan ketchup, the real prize will be the memories they create of their time together with their kids.

Speaking about the new Kissanpur film launched by Kissan, Abhiroop C, Category Head, Packaged Foods, Hindustan Unilever Limited said, "We can all start this change in our own houses. We need to curb the urge to flick out our phones or open our lap tops on weekends. As adults we need to be the change bearers, our kids will follow. The act of bringing smiles and spreading happiness will also help build a strong emotional connect for the brand with its consumers. Consumers would not only appreciate Kissan’s real ingredients after experiencing nature but would also build brand love.”

Kissan products are made from 100% real fruits and tomatoes. The brand wanted consumers to believe this, not only because it was saying so but because they have experienced the same. Thus the philosophy of Kissanpur was born in 2012. Through Kissanpur, Kissan facilitates and encourages kids to experience nature by sowing seeds and growing real tomatoes. Kissan, at the end of the campaign takes the tomatoes from 100 kids shortlisted from the contest and uses these tomatoes to make its Kissan Tomato Ketchup. The winners are recognised for their efforts with their pictures featured on the ketchup bottles.

Kissan believes that Kissanpur will not only build the brand’s ‘Real’ credentials but also enrich consumer’s life with real natural experiences and encourage them to ‘eat real’. The tomato seeds have been made available through uniquely designed ketchup bottle caps, which transform into pots and help kids to begin their journey.

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