Pepsodent campaign to promote oral hygiene

Pepsodent partnered with over 48 bhel vendors across Mumbai to spread the message of oral hygiene through paintings created by children.

Bhel being a popular snack in India, especially in Mumbai, allowed Pepsodent to successfully reach out to over 1 lakh consumers through this activity. The digitized image of the oral care message derived from the paintings was printed on fresh biodegradable paper in non-toxic colour and used to serve bhel to consumers. As consumers would finish eating the bhel, they would realize that there was a message on the paper reminding them on the importance of brushing their teeth at night through the creative paintings that these children had made.

This campaign was conducted as a culmination of the oral health education programmes in schools for a year. Pepsodent reached out to 2.5 lakh children in 39 cities across India. Children made all kinds of paintings - from how not brushing properly can result in germs that cause cavities, to how these bacteria settle on the teeth’s surface to form plaque, which if not brushed away at regular intervals can cause oral problems.

Pepsodent has an extensive school contact programme that educates children between the ages of 6 and 14 about the importance of brushing twice a day. However, the fact is that most adults also don’t brush twice a day in India. Pepsodent decided to team up with children to spread this message to adults in a very creative manner and at a time when the message would be most relevant for them. The campaing was based on the consumer insight that children play a key role in making adults adopt the right habits.

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