Axe launches axe gold temptation

The world’s favourite fragrance, Axe, has been giving men the confidence to be the best at all they do. With products that excel in fragrance, functionality and image, Axe’s most successful range, Temptation, now launches Axe Gold Temptation.

Why gold and chocolate?

Axe Gold Temptation

The Woman of today doesn’t want to be objectified. She is discerning, fiercely independent and career oriented. She knows what she wants out of life and also in her Man. She seeks security in a faithful and mature man; yet she wants him to keep up with her when she decides to let down her hair and party. She doesn’t want to choose; she wants no compromises, she wants the best.

Chocolate and Gold are embodiments of characteristics that a woman yearns for in her man.  Theyare irresistible facets of attraction and tempt every heart they come across.. They are desirable in all their forms. They’re both very indulgent, decadent, rich & delightful. Their fragrances make heads whirl. Women crave Chocolates and are lured by Gold. WithChocolate they discover flirty playfulness in the man they’re looking for while Gold gives them the alpha male they desire.

Women adore the Chocolate Man not only because he is always the life of the party, but also because his personality is extremely irresistible. He is responsible and mature; yet a perennial fountain of youthful energy. He makes women feel loved, secure and young at heart. To him age is just a number.A disarming smile and a witty joke are his weapons to break the ice. His easy going demeanor, youthful charisma and boyish charm leaves you craving for more; just like the sinful indulgence of Chocolate.

The desirable Gold Man exudes confidence and conviction. He oozes sophistication and charisma. Women are captivated by his effortless magnetism and razor sharp wit. They can’t help but be mesmerized by his brooding eyes and chivalry.Gold radiates in his smooth moves and alluring personality. His supremacy over average men is never spoken of but felt throughhis presence, leaving every woman spellbound.

Chocolate and Gold, even with their different traits have one virtue in common: they are both irresistible to women. Complementary to each other,they blend into an unbeatable, ideal man: sweet, tender, seductive, fun and at the same time, mature, self-confident and affluent while being romantic in their own way. Effortlessly, they captivate and enthrall every mind that is lucky enough to come in contact with them.

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