Lever Ayush Therapy now available through e-commerce


Today’s life is constantly evolving where stress, pollution, sedentary lifestyle, lack of nutrition, sleep deprivation and lifestyle habits afflict the urban population. Lever Ayush understands this and believes that the centuries old Ayurvedic wisdom prove that we were way ahead of time.

Ayush is 5000 years of Ayurvedic Wisdom in a bottle. Hence, it has tapped into this ancient medical science to find solutions for modern day problems. So be it premature greying of hair caused by stress or skin ageing caused by pollution or back aches caused by a sedentary lifestyle, Lever Ayush has an Ayurveda solution for all these lifestyle problems.

Lever Ayush will be exclusively available on E-commerce starting the 11th of September with its range of personal care products. It has an inspiring range of personal care products ranging from hair and skin to pain management.

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