Liril Fresh is back


The secret to creating new advertising on long existing brands is to stay true to the core elements of what the brand is made of. What people remember even after many years is the original promise – the character, visual appeal, colour and sound. Preferences and formats might change, but the core attributes of any brand stay in the minds of consumers. And relaunching such brands is essentially about going back to its roots.

Even after all these years, when we say Liril, people from all walks of life fondly recall the waterfall, the girl, her spontaneity and energy. They hum the jingle then and there. And these are the roots of Liril. They don’t change. And what we’re doing is paying homage to the Liril that we all know, bringing alive the very same elements that have been part of our popular culture through time. The campaign is a modern rendition of the original ad and is designed to remind and get Liril into the hearts and homes of the consumer.

The brand launched a new TVC with the unforgettable jingle. Led by TV and print, the jingle teased people’s memories, setting them up for what was to come. The full campaign followed with the memorable rendition of the waterfall ad across mediums, from television, to radio and digital avatars.

The fresh new pack is in market, with the lemony freshness of the brand prominent on shelves.

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