Meet the hygiene hero Vibish Kashyap

“For some people, this is not a choice,” says Vibish Kashyap, 13, of Hosur, Tamil Nadu India. The truth is that in India, there are more mobile phones than toilets.

For those deprived of this basic need and forced to defecate in public, this isn’t just embarrassing, it is dangerous. In India, more than 600,000 children do not reach the age of five due to diarrhoea and pneumonia. These deaths could be prevented through proper hygiene and sanitation programmes. Vibish is committed to help solving these problems in India, but instead of waiting for change, he decided to invent it.

At 13, he invented a drip irrigation system, a bio-sand water filter, and a solar water purifier using plastic bottles. All of these help with water purification and sanitation, but Vibish believes the first step is awareness.

“Once we shed light on the problem, we begin to illuminate the solution,” he says in his Sunlight Speech. Vibish is now our ambassador for Project Sunlight – one of the child leaders, we believe will help usher India towards a #brightfuture.

Unilever Project Sunlight is committed to raising awareness and working with PSI and e-Kutir in Chhindwara. Through these efforts, we will provide toilet facilities and clean drinking water for 36,250 people in India.

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