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Unilever professional to expand portfolio, launches digital distribution network


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A man cleaning the floor

Unilever Professional India (UPro) will be extending its portfolio under the brand names CIF, Domex, Surf and Comfort to include products like glass cleaners, air fresheners, degreasers, kitchen hygiene products like dishwasher chemicals, food contact safe surface sanitizers, kitchen sanitizers, laundry care detergent and fabric conditioners for commercial use.

The products are designed to solve the daily needs of cleaning experts at an affordable price providing maximum performance. They are manufactured in India and are suitable for Indian operating conditions. UPro will also be launching a digital distribution channel through its website to reach small operators in India.

UPro’s priority would be to tap into food services, hospitality, laundrettes, offices, and schools. The business will also address accessibility issues by how instructions are communicated on the product packs.

Poor working conditions, lower pay and societal perceptions make the job of a cleaner less attractive, and it is even tougher for the female workforce. Yet the need for professional cleaning requires an understanding of processes and the right application knowledge of cleaning chemicals. UPro plans to address this issue by making the portfolio simple yet effective and making the guidelines accessible digitally.

With a product range that is locally manufactured, combined with deep operator insights across geographies, and professional usage manuals delivered digitally, UPro promises to make professional cleaning chemicals accessible to all.

Unilever Professional was launched pre-Covid, in 2018, and the business has been growing since, catering to the needs of professional customers such as education facilities, hospitality industry, fitness centres, care facilities, manufacturing sites, public restrooms and other establishments.

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