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Sustainability Report and boundaries of reporting

Our vision is to deliver winning performance by being the leader in sustainable business. We will demonstrate how our purpose-led, future-fit business model drives superior performance delivering consistent, competitive, profitable, and responsible growth.

Our Compass strategy integrates sustainability into our business with a belief that sustainable business and financial performance go hand-in-hand. With a robust governance mechanism, we are continually working towards our ESG goals to lead change and make a positive difference to people and the planet.

In FY 2022-23, we published our first Business Responsibility and Sustainability Report (PDF 13 MB) (BRSR) which aims to enable our stakeholders to know more about our sustainability performance.

About our sustainability reporting

Our Business Responsibility and Sustainability Report (PDF 13 MB) and Integrated Annual Report (PDF 13 MB) are our primary sustainability reports. Additional sustainability disclosures are provided in the Sustainability Reporting Centre and Sustainability which is updated throughout the year.

Our reporting covers the period 1 April to 31 March, unless otherwise stated.

Our reporting is aimed at a broad range of audiences, including specialist audiences, such as investors, analysts, NGOs, governments and opinion formers. Given the growing level of interest in sustainability we also work hard to ensure that our reporting is accessible to more generalist audiences, including citizens and consumers.

Scope and boundaries

Our impacts are far-reaching, so we’ve identified and prioritised the most material issues to our business and to stakeholders across our value chain.

Our Business Responsibility and Sustainability Report (PDF 13 MB), Integrated Annual Report (PDF 13 MB), Sustainability Reporting Centre and Sustainability include sustainability performance data for our most material issues. It covers our direct operations as well as our extended value chain where relevant.

The sustainability performance data in our most recent Business Responsibility and Sustainability Report (PDF 13 MB), Integrated Annual Report (PDF 13 MB) and Sustainability Reporting Centre, is on a consolidated basis covering all of our wholly owned subsidiaries unless otherwise stated.

We consistently apply metrics and targets to all relevant parts of our business operations and a number also apply to relevant parts of our value chain, such as our greenhouse gas, water and waste footprint targets.

For each metric we report, we determine the most relevant and materially impactful scope according to our knowledge of our business; the markets where we operate and the nature of the impact. We report the material coverage for our targets so that our metrics cover 100% of the scope deemed to be material, unless specifically stated otherwise.

In some cases, the scope deemed to be material is the same as the total scope. In others, it is less because we have applied a management judgement as to what the scope should be.

We have a robust governance mechanism to monitor the progress of our Compass sustainability commitments. The Compass leadership team reports commitments to the Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director and Management Committee on a quarterly basis. Periodic update is also given to HUL’s ESG Committee.

Board oversight of our reporting

Our Board reviews and approves our Business Responsibility and Sustainability Report (PDF 13 MB) and Integrated Annual Report (PDF 13 MB). The ESG Committee and Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director of our company track our progress on sustainability and regularly discuss key topics as detailed in our Compass ESG Goals.

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