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At Sunsilk we believe in supporting & inspiring girls and be hair-ready for possibilties.

Welcome to Sunsilkhood! In the real world, life can be hectic, and we need our hair to be beautiful despite all the twists and turns. This is where Sunsilk comes in.

Our products: haircare for all possibilities

Every girl deserves great hair – hair that’s ready for every possibility. That’s why our products are inclusive of every hair colour, length, and texture.

Our girl’s unique hair needs are at the heart of what we do. They continue to inspire us to create new products and develop formulas for all hair types so we can give every girl’s hair the shine it deserves.

Our purpose: shout out to our sisters

Girls should never hold back!

We champion a sisterhood to explore every girl’s dreams—one hair flick, dream, and ambition at a time.

We partner with gender experts and NGOs to create programs that help girls dream bigger, inspire them with support, equip them to know their strengths, and give them the confidence to explore more and open up possibilities for their future.

In India, Sunsilk worked with local NGO’s & top role models to launch a platform that aims to inspire & motivate girls to follow their dreams. The role models play a key part in helping to inspire and support the girls with social videos and live Q&A events.

Sunsilk has also partnered with the NGO ‘Girl Rising’ across markets to develop Explore More, our on-ground programme, which covers topics such as personal development and profiles aspirational role models, as well as offers a support network.

With the aim of opening up possibilities for 1 million girls, this is a very exciting time for Sunsilk!

Our commitment: to helping the planet

We strive for better, more sustainable practices. From minimising our climate impact to reaching zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2039 to protecting water sources and recycling, we care for the places our girls are from.

Contact us

If you have any questions or comments about Sunsilk, please visit our contact page.

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