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Contribute to a fairer, more socially inclusive world

To increase equity across society, we aim to become a beacon of diversity and inclusion, raise living standards in our value chain, create opportunities for small businesses and under-represented groups and help prepare people for the changing future of work.

Sustainable scenarios
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Equity, diversity and inclusion

We've set ourselves the ambition of becoming a beacon of diversity and inclusion, using our business and influence to break down barriers and create opportunity in our workplaces, our supply and distribution chains, and in society at large.

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Raise living standards

We believe that business can help tackle social inequality and we’re determined to raise living standards throughout our value chain. Millions of people depend on Unilever to earn a living so we’re working to ensure that prosperity is shared more fairly.

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Respect human rights

When it comes to defining the core of our existence - within business and society, respect for human rights tops it all. In our own operations and through all our business relationships, everything we do is underpinned by a deep and unfaltering commitment to respect human rights.

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Future of work

The future of work isn’t just about data, robots and algorithms – it’s really about people. We see meaningful work as everyone’s right. We’re taking big steps to equip our own people and others for the future.

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