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Lifebuoy unveils breakthrough technology in germ protection

Lifebuoy has unveiled a breakthrough technology in germ protection - Activ Naturol Shield. This technology has been launched in India through Lifebuoy clini-care10 with proven 10 times better germ protection compared to leading germ protection soaps.

10 times better germ protection

The invention, attributed to an Indian scientist, Dr. Amit Chakrabortty, Global Head-Research on Hygiene and Water, Hindustan Unilever, and his team. The HUL R&D centre in Bengaluru, India, was the lead research centre for this breakthrough technology. This technology is being launched first in India, through Lifebuoy clini-care10. 

The ‘Activ Naturol Shield’technology is a combination ofnaturally occurring substances that when combined with the best of technology in cleansing, provides Ten Times better protection against disease causing pathogens. Lifebuoy clini-care10 addresses all the four aspects of complete germ protection, which are:

  • Faster and better reduction of a wide range of germs in real-life washing time
  • Superior germ reduction from the skin in actual hand-wash studies 
  • Longer lasting protection to reduce germ re-growth on skin 
  • Milder and superior skin care to prevent skin damage and germ attack through damaged skin

Lifebuoy has always been at the forefront of R&D in health & hygiene. The Activ Naturol Shield technology in Lifebuoy clini-care10 has also beenendorsed by the British Skin Foundation (BSF) and tested and validated at various international (recognized and accredited) laboratories.

Lifebuoy clini-care10 is available in two variants – Lifebuoy clini-care10 Complete and Lifebuoy clini-care10 Fresh.

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