Horlicks Cardia+, launched in 2016, is advanced nutrition to support adult lifestyle needs. It is clinically proven to help reduce postprandial blood sugar spikes, insulin spikes and RLP cholesterol spikes*.

With 25% fiber, Cardia+ contains NUTRIOSE® and FIBERSOL-2TM. While NUTRIOSE® is a soluble fibre which is clinically proven to help reduce calorie intake, FIBERSOL-2TM expands and sticks to the wall of your stomach to prolong the feeling of being ‘full’ after a meal. This helps reduce snacking between meals and also slows down spikes and troughs in blood sugar, which can cause hunger pangs.

Horlicks Cardia+ is available in Vanilla variant.


*Post hoc analysis deduces that the fibre rich nutritional beverage was effective in reductions of Cmax glucose, insulin and RLP-C levels in overweight healthy subjects after a meal. Study published in Diabetes research and clinical practice, Vol. 106- supplement 1, Nov 2014, page 50

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