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Only Pureit gives me water that’s not just pure but wholesome.

Built with over 15 years of technological expertise, Pureit offers a wide range of advance RO & UV water purifiers to deliver 100% safe & healthy drinking water, to every Indian household.

With its best-in-class purification technology, it enriches water with nutrients inspired by nature and modern science.

Choose what’s best for you & your family.

Pureit RO water purifiers

Pureit RO water purifiers comes with advanced multi-stage purification method. These purifiers use RO + UV technology to provide healthy water that’s uncompromisingly safe. Pureit not only extends a wide variety of devices for your modern-day family, but also offers technologically superior & innovative features in its product range.

Pureit Copper RO – Immunity Boosting Copper Infused in RO Water

An advanced purifier with 7 stage RO+UV+MF purification process that not just purifies water but also enriches it with the goodness of 99.8% pure copper with its unique Copper charge technology™.

Pureit Eco Range – High Water Saving ROs

Pureit range of Eco Water purifiers – ECO Water Saver, MAX Water Saver, & MARVELLA Eco come with Eco Recovery™ Technology that delivers efficient purification with a recovery rate of up to 60%, giving you high water saving vs. other ROs. These water purifiers save up to 80 glasses daily.

Pureit Ultima RO – With Digital Purity Indicator

Pureit Ultima RO senses water quality up to 5000 times a second~~ to show* how pure^ your water is. Along with the real time purity indication, the digital display panel also shows tank water and filter change indication.

Pureit UV purifiers

For the households with water supply having low TDS level, we have Pureit UV purifiers that are sleek, modern, & compact and come with advance purification process.

Classic UV Water Purifier

With a long filter life of 6000 litres as compared to ordinary purifiers, this reduces the maintenance cost drastically, making it one of the best low maintenance UV purifiers.

Marvella UV Water Purifier

Comes with an Advance alert system which warns you 15 days before filter expiry & its auto shut off stops the water if filter is not changed, thus providing 100% UV purified safe drinking water.


  • ~ Copper Charge Technology is a unique proprietary technology, which is based on electrochemical dissolution of copper in water.
  • ^^ Assumptions: 5-member family with a daily consumption of 2L/ person Glass quantity of 200 ml
    Permeate recovery rate of 30% for other ROs
  • ~~ Depends on your water quality.
  • *You can see the quality of water through the Purity Indicator only when water is being purified or the purifier is in use.
  • ^ Pure refers to TDS range of water.

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